About us

Who we are ?

Square is an advertising agency that specializes in providing effective marketing solutions to help position your company for success. Our main goal is to create a strong brand identity that stands out from your competitors. We achieve this by developing innovative strategies that target your ideal customers and effectively communicate your message through eye-catching visual and voice messages. Our creative designs span across all advertising messages, from print publications to websites, videos, digital marketing, and well-planned advertising campaigns specifically tailored to your audience. Our dedicated team is committed to keeping you at the forefront of your desired market.


What can we do ?

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We all know that first impressions are crucial, and the reality is that potential customers will see your visual branding before they see anything else. Potential customers need to be immediately attracted to your visual identity, so they feel connected to your brand and want to learn more.

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Web & Mobile Application

Websites and mobile apps have become essential in our daily life, a website or mobile app can help you look more professional, attract new customers, and showcase your work. and that's why we are here to help you create your digital presence and have your own website and mobile app.

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Social Media Marketing

We create a social media advertising strategy to improve your brand awareness, social media user interaction, as well as business goals, which are measured through analytics and sales revenue outcomes.

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We Supply your company's marketing with custom corporate giveaways to advertise your services or products. most of the time, those are products that people can find a use for in their everyday lives – products that have a company’s branding and website address or phone number.

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Display Solutions

We create a custom branding display solution to present your identity in different kinds of signage, promotional stands, brochure holder, flags, and backdrops.

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Video Production

We create a commercial video production that intends to raise perception, gain new leads, nourish existing ones, and enhance conversion. Brands of all sizes are using online video advertising. If you want traction, you need to boost your video.


Our clients recognize our expertise in the industry, and they trust us to apply thier vision and shape thier brand.